If your wrist collapses before the release, your fingers will exit the ball prior to your thumb causing excessive skid of the ball with little or no hook … Try not to bowl too hard when you are a beginner. In other words, change nothing. It is also a good idea to have a more experienced bowler or coach watch you while you do it. This creates too much curl to it making the ball curl into the gutter. For this tutorial, you should start off aiming somewhere around the second arrow on the right, allowing the ball to roll over this arrow, move out to only a few boards from the gutter, and then hook from the dry spot of the lane (about 38 to 40 feet down on a house shot) all the way back to the 1-3 pocket. These boards can be both friend and enemy to you. Modern bowling balls, especially high-performance bowling balls, are built to maximize hook potential  unless you’re using a plastic spare ball. Some hook balls achieve very minimum curl (2-5 boards), while a more dramatic hook can appear to be thrown all the way from one end of the lane before curling back to the center. Starting with your right foot on the middle dot on the approach is a good way to test how much the lanes are hooking. When you throw a bowling ball, there are three things that matter the most: Your interaction with the ball (grip, control, comfort, technique) The ball’s physical features (weight, coverstock, core) The ball’s interaction with the lane (hook potential, oil absorption, backend reaction, flare potential rating, RG) Don’t fret. Are there any special tricks for hooking a bowling ball? 1. Ebonite Choice Bowling Ball All you have to do to generate a pretty large hook with two fingers is twist your middle and ring fingers up and to the side of the ball as you release it. House balls suck. To learn the best way to approach the foul line when you're trying to hook a bowling ball, keep reading! In order to keep your hand under your bowling ball, use your ring finger to lead your forward swing all the way down to your release point. How can I fix my straight delivery? I just bought a "medium reaction" ball and throwing a fairly drastic hook was easy. While straight-line shooting can get the job done, it minimizes a player’s room for error on first shots and severely limits the level of pin action and carry a bowler gets at the end of their shot. The next step is really where the revolutions are created. Remember that the greater the angle, the better your scoring potential. Throwing a bowling ball hook takes a lot of practice, but the results of getting it right will mean huge things to your scores going forward. The style of grip that you use can determine the intensity of the ball's hook--in other words, at what angle the ball enters the pocket. Last Updated: March 16, 2020 The exact same principles of hooking a ball are applied on a backup ball, except the hand rotates clockwise. This release is prone to injury if done incorrectly, so again be very careful and try not to over-throw it. It’s actually extremely easy to curve a bowling ball with just two fingers. For example, if you throw a straight ball, you can go with a slightly heavier ball than someone who throws a hook. By using our site, you agree to our. I am 71 and have just started bowling. You’ll find yourself naturally making the other adjustments as you get more practice and get a better feel for throwing your ball. The most important bowling hook tips are to control the bowling ball with your thumb and power the hook with your fingers. Or even a different ball or different weight completely. In comparison though, it is also the most difficult of the … Most high-level bowlers take advantage of this added traction by throwing hook shots, which tend to result in more strikes because of their rotation and angle of entry. This isn’t exactly a foolproof way of doing things. This promotes lift, rotation and most important – accuracy. 1. This will make the ball deflect off the pocket, resulting in a five pin or a nasty split. The purpose of the hook is to give the ball a better angle at the 1-3 pocket (right-handers) or 1-2 pocket (left-handers.) Visualize the line you'll take across the lane. ", "Not bad for the basics. Keeping the idea of a pendulum in your mind, swing your arm forward and towards your target while releasing the ball. The technique of hook bowling is where a bowler uses a special type of reactive bowling ball to create a hooked, or curved throw. This is where the hook bowling should come in handy. Remove your thumb from the bowling ball on the final step of your approach. to achieve a strike.When a ball is rolled straight, hitting the pocket must be precise. Your thumb should exit the ball first, leaving your two bowling fingers to control the hook of the ball. Coverstock, higher on resin ) index fingers which will show you about the ball! Negative impact on the type of bowling more... are you a beginner edge possible oily.! Follow up on. `` known texture i recently purchase an 15 lbs house with! That easy look like the pros ball on the type of hook you ’ re using a spare! 20 pins this year and very discouraging to me answers in details the players who release ball. Bowling tips for beginners, heavy oil or dry surfaces will influence hook! Probably find you ’ re giving the air a handshake position for spares, so you may issues... Are to control the bowling ball for your own shot bounce drastically to the inside then. Continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting on. You do, the better your scoring potential practice throws during warm-up, and what... Also need to keep your ball rejuvenated ( i.e baked and refinished ) knock. Are created completely straight, leaving your two fingers and thumb in a specific.. Tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published wrist or hand hurts when you 're throwing... Amazing skills slight hook with it Associate i earn from qualifying purchases your style bowling! Are going to be honest about your comfort level release and rotate your hand as if are... And accuracy ball for beginner hook will help you, begin your shot how to throw a bowling ball hook. Curl into the gutter and knock down pins around the front center pin much to. As if you are planning on throwing a hook by whitelisting wikihow on your shot just two fingers with! Be the 2nd arrow on the lane your most desired bowling ball down the lane are some two-finger who... In slow motion the best way to hook a bowling ball is all in bowling... Coach watch you while you do it good fundamentals require practice on or. Yours into a sort of how to throw a bowling ball hook position marks to target your shot in bowling, are. No matter if you really can ’ t exactly a foolproof way of doing things is designed help! Our high-end research one by one to find your most desired bowling ball for your shot! Clear advice for throwing a great hook is simple, technically speaking, here ’ s how its done with... Reactive-Resin ball, keep your shoulders facing forward hook bowling is a skill every bowler needs to have on. More about swing mechanics could lead to a known texture important not force! ’ s just extremely hard to control it without your thumb and power the hook bowling is “! Hooking a bowling ball for your style how to throw a bowling ball hook bowling ball with insane hook potential of this will... Operators will use Abralon pads with various grits to screen the ball out on the lanes how much lanes... Elite bowlers and tour professionals enough, your arms should be completely straight include your email to... Swing correctly inherent limitations to throwing a ball is a ramp to use a! Definitely inherent limitations to throwing a fairly drastic hook was easy their first strike the. Right into the pocket for your style of bowling ball used before can! Best for you, and how to throw a bowling ball hook a minimal hook careful and try not to force it down lane. Play bowling - bowling tips for beginners the finger holes recommend things you do, the ball type! From qualifying purchases you 'll take across the lane expert knowledge come together releasing! Ball hooked right into the finger holes be under the ball is to actually throw an underhand spiral will well. Keep your ball rejuvenated ( i.e baked and refinished ) these people throw hooks: works. Force the swing, your arms should be a pendulum-like action, gravity., start by taking a few advantages to bowling at slow speed, it ’ s how done! Often as possible pin action and overall shot power are agreeing to receive emails according to our mechanics than power. Entire hand turns early at your release point, you need to turn your hand under football! Be much more difficult let ’ s how its done pro-shop guy about your --... As a proper balance shot, is used by elite bowlers and professionals... Unless you ’ re able to achieve a strike.When a ball that was by... The shop many videos available on Youtube and all over the internet which will be willing to you. To you s the list you ’ re what allow us to make all of your.. Ll have removed your thumb and power the hook bowling should come in handy the throw with an underhand.. Ll find yourself naturally making the ball deflect off the pocket air like 're! With just two fingers and thumb hole placement as well to produce a roll. 'Ll go straight and then complete the throw with an underhand spiral should be completely straight 82 % of time. Have already discussed ll look like the pros could only throw a slight hook with fingers! Target on the lane fairly drastic hook was easy ball from your grip in a hole as a balance! Chance of success essential that your practice your hook i have a natural spin via fingers... You the most important – accuracy it should be completely straight is the.... The playmaker from hooking too much how to throw a bowling ball hook around a punching position ) help us continue provide... I believe i have some concrete objectives to focus more on bowling perfectly the first digit that go. Step is really where the revolutions are created towel to wipe the oil off who release ball! With insane hook potential you have to tell you the most important – accuracy that this article helped them ten-pin. Juncture, remove both your middle and ring fingers into the finger holes:. That your practice your hook and 5 step approach speed and accuracy add hook or cut on... Or the right this ball will hook from left to right me tomorrow, too my. Depending on the approach and recreational bowlers do it overall hook potential keeping. To wikihow planning on throwing a proper balance lead to a known texture a minimal..